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It is something that we should all inspire to have in our everyday life, and many great people of the past have mentioned and written about Prophet Muhammad pbuh. Doesn't necessarily mean one has to acknowledge everything written in the book as the truth but one eventually subsides personal beliefs and emotions somewhat, for the sake of reading it. The beginnings of Islamic fundamentalism is also covered. Had Muawiya deliberately withheld the enforcements requested by the besieged Caliph? You can stop when you find your interst sagging.

Their sadness results from the disrespectful treatment of the Prophet's family for two generations, and the complex series of events that culminates in extreme cruelty at Karbala. The whole thing at times is so twisted and interesting that it almost feels like something out of a tragic Shakespearean play. The author does a very good job of knitting together the stories passed down from the seventh century and those immediately following it, and modern Sunni-Shia tensions. But none shall be killed but him. Leslie Hazelton narrated her own book.

He speaks widely on civic engagement and social justice issues. There are no discussion topics on this book yet. This book is a must read for all who wish to better understand the background to the conflict.

One common attribute we all share as humans is the fact that whenever there is an important future event, we always make necessary preparations in anticipation of an outcome from the event. Since adulthood I have never classified myself as either a Sunni or a Shia. May differ from yours which I respect and do not wish to discuss save only from what you have to say about the book. But as long as the narrative is gripping, who cares about the rest?

These are issues that are predicated on a faithful God to whom challenging and even unanswerable questions must be voiced. Politics became the central theme. Why I nev I was always intrigued about what caused this major split between the Shia and the Sunnis. Meaning, take your biases and existing beliefs and store them away somewhere sound proof while you read Hazelton's straight off the bat, chronological account of how it all happened.

After The Prophet Pdf

It became less engaging to me, probably because I was having a harder time grasping all the details. In the beginning, for Muhammad the spiritual and the political were one. You tend to understand the nuances like natives and suddenly seemingly trivial expressions start making sense! Though the book rightly remains focused on the Shia-Sunni divide, a short account of how Islam had spread under Muhammad might have made subsequent events clearer.

Zeitlin assesses the extent to which these various influences shaped the emergence of Islam and the development of the Prophets beliefs. It was a big turn off toward justification for either sect. Lesley has taken a very sensitive topic, has considered both sides of the story to narrate and connected it very shrewdly to the modern day. George Bernard Shaw the famous writer mentioned that Prophet Muhammad pbuh must be called a savior for humanity. There is a twofold shift in the book, geographically from Arabia to Iraq and the Middle East and from a narrative of tales to a discussion of politics.

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If you want a serious read, avoid it. Some early converts to Islam were Jewish or Christian but surely not the majority?

Also the rights of other people in particular your family, neighbours and for people who are in need. Questions that hitherto were rarely posed publicly must now be posed, and the human drama born out of exile, bondage, and genocide must be reckoned with in a new light.

After The Prophet Lesley Hazleton

After her death he married Aisha, and after her he accumulated nine other wives. The book can be used year after year, enabling people to grow and develop as a person. There could be no more prophets after Muhammad, no male kin who could assert special insight or closeness to the divine will, as the Shia would claim. The standard Jewish view is that prophecy ended with the ancient prophets, somewhere early in the Second Temple era. How Muhammad had arrived at this view is not a problem for Muslims, who believe that the Prophet received a revelation from Allah or God, die another day script pdf mediated by the Angel Gabriel.

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This is the second reason. Tell me, does this sound like non-fiction?

The author often takes us inside the minds of the main characters and tries to analyse and find rationality behind their decisions and judgements. This quote begins with a bit of the story which helps explain the antipathy between Aisha and Ali. The book will give you an insight of the kindness of the Prophet Muhammad pbuh and the tolerance and love he has for mankind. Over illuminating some people, shadowing others, and all based on author's on liberties without considering one bit about the audience. Thoughts can only be imagined, and that is the work of novelists.

Lesley Hazleton, presents three major split points between shia and sunnis. Have both sides been presented to me in a balanced impartial manner?

Fortunately I found what I sought, and not much more. Comparisons between the Quran and Bible, and among Jewish, Christian and Islamic exegesis are highlighted. This book gives me enough explanations that I had sought.

Now, through Hazelton, I finally understand the split and passion of the Shi'a and why, even today, why this story remains so stirring. However, I found, at times, the liberty the author takes in analyzi This is really worth a read for anyone starting out in the complex task of understanding the Shia Sunni split. The main focus of the book is to explain the history that lies behind the Shia-Sunni split. The book is a summarized version of the events as it happened so many of the details are voluntarily omitted.

After the Prophet The Epic Story of the Shia-Sunni Split in Islam

So a controversial book but very interesting and it makes you realize, a lot of early Islamic history is not told to born muslims, because it is very bloody, violent and has dirty politics. However the conclusion which is a fleeting analysis in more recent world events is inadequate.

This is an excellent book for undergraduate courses, and students in divinity and seminary programmes. This book gives you summarized Ahadiths from Sunnis and Shias determining the Caliphate. Lesley pointed out that the Tubri's book is surprisingly a very postmodern text which repeats events and accounts by different sources. Indeed, Jewish communities were salient here, especially in Medina and other not-too-distant oases.

He had expelled pagan gods. This book, in its initial pages is extremely abhorrent, however as it progresses the reader is forced to make peace with the narrative. If you don't know the background of the Sunni-Shi'a split, it seems to be a strange custom.

The fact is much more blood could've been saved to run a gush in the battle fields had the Prophet decided whose side he was on according to the book. The Shoah is without question the defining moment in modern history, and it has transformed the manner in which the Bible is read and how God is understood. This is a subject I am not too familiar with. Apparently, Tubri is accused of secretly hiding his shia beliefs by some sunnis, but his authority is accepted by both sunnis and shias. Considering the degree in politics and her jewish heritage, I thought some time whether I am reading a propaganda book by the jewish establishment.

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