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Of the Observation of Celestials, necessary in every Magical Work. Seven integrall members distributed to the Planets. Concerning the agreement of them with the Celestial bodies, and what harmony and sound is correspondent of every Star. They which are persecuted for righteousness sake.

Four Elements of mans body. The senses answering to the Elements.

The Philosophy of Natural Magic

Of the number Eight, and the Scale thereof. Of the Images of the Moon. Behold now most illustrious Prince, and most honorable Prelate!

This article about a non-fiction book on occultism is a stub. Therefore they seeing any wonderfull sight, do impute it to the divell, as his work, or think it is a miracle, which indeed is a work of naturall, or Mathematicall Philosophy. Hence in time of grace the name of divine omnipotency is called upon with five letters. But when they come to the tenth seaventh year, where the number seaven is taken for a compleat number, then they come to the common tearm of life, the Prophet saying, Our age is seaventy years.

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Of the Number of Nine, and the Scale thereof. There are six differences of position, Upwards, Downwards, Before, Behind, on the right side, one the left side. Yet there is one in voyce, another in the proportion of them, another in the soul, and reason, and another in divine things. Hence the Lacedemonians were wont to paint Jupiter with four wings. Eight rewards of the blessed.

Agrippa had a huge influence on Renaissance esoteric philosophers, particularly Giordano Bruno. Three persons in the supersubstantiall Divinity. By the three square or solid, the three numbers of nine of things produced are distributed, viz. Also the number three respects the soul, by reason of its threefold power, viz. Unlike many grimoires of the time, english verb drills pdf these books are more scholarly and intellectual than mysterious and foreboding.

One Prince of Rebellion, of Angels, and darkness. One subject, and instrument of all vertues, naturall, and supernaturall. And these are proper to Magicall operations, the middle which is betwixt both being appropriated by declining to the extreams, as in the use of letters. Of the Observation of the fixt Stars, and of their Natures.

Also in Intelligencies there are three Hierarchies of Angelicall spirits. The Moon Six planets wandring through the latitude of the Zodiack from the Eclyptick. In the Intellectual world, whence the fatall Law. And after seaven days the Lord rained upon the Earth, and upon the seaventh day the fountains of the deep were broken up, and the waters covered the Earth. Are there not some reliques extant of the Ancients works, viz.

There are three powers of Intellectuall creatures, memory, mind, and will. God, the Mind, and the Spirit.

Six substantificall qualities of Elements. The Humanist Theologian and His Declamations. It comprehends all nature in four terms, viz.

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Two intelligible substances. It is moreover called the number of revenge, as saith the Scripture, and Cain shall be revenged seaven fold. In Zoroastrian theology, these are the names for God, the highest angel, and the Devil respectively. Eight rewards of the damned.

You can help Wikipedia by expanding it. Three Theologicall vertues, Faith, Hope, and Charity.

The fixt Stars, and the Moon. For the sixt day God saw all the things which he had made, and they were very good. Also it conteins the instrument of four strings, and a Pythagorean Diagram, whereby are found out first of all musicall tunes, and all harmony of Musick. The whole measure of time is concluded in three, viz.

Four Princes of divels, offensive in the Elements. The Scale of the Number of two. Of unity, and the Scale thereof. Whence Virgil sings, Odd numbers to the God delightfull are. Three Hierarchies of Angels.

For there are three persons in God, there are three Theologicall vertues in Religion. The Scale of the Number of three.

This is also called the covenant of circumcision, which was commanded to be done by the Jewes the eight day. Of the Numbers which are above twelve, and of their powers, and vertues. It is also called the number of safety, and conservation, for there were so many souls of the sons of Jesse, from which David was the eighth. And in Exodus, the Sabboth of Sabboths, the holy rest to the Lord, is commanded to be on the seaventh day. The like to which we read was done concerning the image of the Sun at Rome, in the Temple of Serapis would not such an ignorant man, I say, presently say it is the work of the divell?

It is also called the number of blessedness, or of rest, whence that, O thrice, and four times blessed! The name of God with four letters. Also it is consecrated to the Holy Ghost, which the Prophet Isaiah describes to be seaven fold, according to his gifts, viz. So Abraham, when he made a covenant with Abimelech, appointed seven Ewe Lambs for a testimony.

Of the names of the Celestials, and their rule over this inferiour world, viz. Use dmy dates from May All articles with unsourced statements Articles with unsourced statements from March All stub articles. There are four motions in nature, viz. Hence it was called the Pythagorians oath, which is expressed in these verses. Seven Fish of the Planets.

Three Books of Occult Philosophy

By Henry Cornelius Agrippa