Head Start Performance Standards Pdf

We do not believe this is necessary, since the tribal council is acting as the governing body. Others were concerned that the record keeping would be too burdensome. Tribal Consultation Statement. We include several provisions to support local flexibility to meet community needs and to promote innovation and research.

Others requested clarification on how appropriate composition will be maintained and consistent with the Act when parents drop out. We did not include a diagram or chart in this rule because we believe the governance provisions in the rule and in the Act are clear. We made no revisions to these provisions.

Additional standards for this transition are in subpart G. In this section, we retain a number of requirements from the previous program standards and included requirements to conform to the Act. We also think that inconsistent attendance often indicates a program needs to make more efforts to engage with and support families.

In addition, we analyzed the types of technical assistance requested by and provided to Head Start agencies and programs. The intent of this requirement is for Head Start programs to consider whether it is feasible to implement a mixed-income delivery model. This repetition of headings to form internal navigation links has no substantive legal effect. Hours per day, and thereby additional funded hours, classification of metals pdf depend on the length of the day the program is operating Head Start.

Head Start Program Performance Standards

For example, we created new subparts or sections to highlight and expand, where necessary, upon these important requirements. We made technical changes for improved clarity.

Others supported the standard but recommended we expand it in a variety of ways. We made one revision to paragraph a. We also clarified that this prioritization would not be required if it interfered with partnerships with local educational agencies. We revised previous program governance requirements primarily to conform to the Act.

We clarified that governing bodies may establish one or more advisory committees. Others recommended we completely prohibit suspension instead of requiring programs to severely limit the use of suspension. Since governing bodies can choose to establish advisory committees, we included advisory committee members, who may be different individuals than governing body members, in this requirement. In addition, we clarify that this review and update should take into account whether the pre-kindergarten available meets the needs of the population of the grantee serves.

This section reiterates the requirement in section c of the Act regarding the structure and purpose of program governance. We made no revisions to this timeline. The President of the United States manages the operations of the Executive branch of Government through Executive orders. Instead of introducing a new term, we are remaining consistent with the Act. The governing body is the entity legally and fiscally responsible for the program.

We note that programs are allowed but not required to reserve such slots. Subpart A Financial Requirements. We think it is very important for programs to realize the importance of regular attendance and work with families when appropriate to foster regular attendance.

Head start performance standards pdf

Subpart B Administrative Requirements. Curriculum and Assessment Provisions. In addition, we think the final rule allows flexibility in the very rare circumstances it is needed.

Structural Program Option Provisions. However, we plan to issue a training and technical assistance document that incorporates the language from the Act with the regulatory language. We made revisions to improve clarity. We did not revise this provision.

Head start performance standards pdf

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Programs have the discretion of setting a lower limit. Regulatory Flexibility Act. Existing laws and regulations addressing cost allocation and non-supplantation are not re-stated in the proposed regulation. They asked that the final regulation translate the references to the Act with specific language or brief excerpts from the Act.

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This approach resulted in a somewhat opaque set of requirements that were unnecessarily challenging to interpret and overburdened grantees with process-laden rules. This part describes program governance requirements for Head Start agencies. We have revised paragraph c to eliminate confusion. We retained this provision with no revisions. We clarified that eligibility for the reimbursement is only for low-income members.

Office of Head Start

Head start performance standards pdf

We incorporated some of the suggestions into the final rule but felt some were Start Printed Page already adequately covered while others were not feasible to include in regulation. Some recommended less focus on a waitlist and some recommended more focus and specificity.

This section describes how programs must select a program option and develop a program calendar. This section included provisions to support attendance.

Programs may assess fees only for additional hours beyond the Head Start day. Programs may request technical assistance to address the causes of absenteeism. Programs may request additional guidance, if needed.

To allow programs reasonable time to implement certain performance standards, we phase in compliance dates over several years after this final rule becomes effective. They also stated that the standards conflicted with other program performance standards in this section and requirements in the Act. In these sections, the Secretary is required to establish performance standards for Head Start and Early Head Start programs, as well as federal administrative procedures. This section reorganized and revised previous standards about enrollment.

Such a change is outside the scope of this rule. Therefore, we made no revisions to income eligibility, groups for categorical eligibility, or prioritization requirements. Therefore, requiring active recruitment for this specific population is appropriate. Grantees may request additional guidance through the system of training and technical assistance. We believe the standard in paragraph c is appropriate to ensure any openings during the program year get filled promptly.

By adding this cross reference, we are requiring governing bodies to use this information to conduct their responsibilities. We sought extensive input to develop this final rule. Finally, Head Start has a long-standing history of preventing suspension and expulsion practices, and as such, programs should be able to budget accordingly. We revised this provision to improve clarity.