Jumo Dtron 304 Pdf

So avoid electrostatic charge during fitting and removal. The block diagram displays the possible input and output configurations. The electrical connection is made at the back with screw terminals. Time-out If no key is pressed for sec, the instrument returns to normal display. Seminars and webinars on the product.

Jumo dtron 304 pdf

Manipulations not described in the manual or expressly forbidden will jeopardize your warranty rights. Search Search term Search. Carry out retrofitting on a workbench that is earthed.


Jumo dtron 304 pdf

Defines the switching action of the limit comparators on a setpoint change or power-on. Caution This symbol is used when there may be damage to equipment or data if the instructions are ignored or not followed correctly! Repeating fine adjustment without doing a reset before means that an already adju- sted characteristic curve is used. Timer function Configuration Analog inputs Time-dependent control actions can be carried out with the help of the timer. Controller Furthermore, internet computing notes.pdf time-out and level inhibit can be configured here.

Among other things, the controller software includes a program or ramp function, a parameter block switch, two autotuning procedures, one math and logic module, and four limit value monitors. To provide you with an overview, this selection is listed below. The devices can be used as two-state, three-state, three-step controllers, or continuous controllers. When inserting the controller module, make sure that the latches below the knurled areas snap into place.

Deutsch de English en Deutsch de. External setpoint analog selector Activates the external setpoint input and defines the source switched off for the external setpoint. The option boards are universally applicable for all devices in the series. The setpoint is to be selected via a binary input and the state of one limit comparator. Keep the manual in a place which is accessible to all users at all times.

Jumo dtron 304 pdf

JUMO dTRON 304 Operating Manual

The modules can be damaged by electrostatic discharge. All necessary settings are described in this operating manual.

Analog input Configuration Analog inputs Depending on the instrument version, up to two analog inputs are available. The diagrams below indicate possible maladjustments and how these can be corrected. Access The level can be inhibited. Anwendung der Kaskadenregelung. Binary outputs are relay, solid-state relay Generator and logic outputs.

Program Generator Configuration Analog inputs The basic function of the instrument is defined here. Display Configuration Analog inputs The values displayed can be matched to the existing requirements. Simple operation with four keys. The instrument can be operated Controller as a fixed-setpoint controller with or without a ramp function, or warm-up ramp for Generator hot-channel equipment, program controller or program generator.

Jumo dtron 304 pdf

Questions regarding this product? It can be output via the Generator binary outputs or processed internally. In this case the fine adjustment has to be reset see below.