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Trouble Shooting If you let the specified maintenance work on your motorcycle be carried out, disturbances can hardly be expected. Starter intermediate gear Check clearance of starter intermediate gear.

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Grooved ball bearing of crankshaft Press old grooved ball-bearing inwards. Crankshaft roller bearing Press old roller bearing inwards, press in new ball bearing to the stop with the open side of ball cage downwards outside. Press in new ball bearing to the stop.

It must now be possible to gently turn gear shafts. Check diameter in several corresponding places to see if cylinder in worn oval.


If the reed sealing surfaces of the reed valve housing are also damaged, replace the complete reed valve housing. Otherwise, the transmission oil will leak out of the drive shaft following the removal of the slave cylinder of the clutch. Press the special tool together tightly so as to obtain a good heat transfer and pull the inner ring off the crankshaft. Show all sx mxc exc sx mxc exc. Features no rectifi- cation, lcpdfr multiplayer clan only an over-voltage regulation.

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This range is influenced by the position of the air control screw. The transmission oil should already be drained when the engine is dismounted. Cleaning Clean your motorcycle regularly in order to maintain the beauty of its plastic surfaces.

Ktm XC-W Manuals

Coil short circuits leading to weak ignition sparks or low generator output, respectively, can only be detected with the help of an ignition test bench. Insert gearshift rails into the casing bores as far as they will go. In the case of malfunction always check the cables and the plug and socket connections of the ignition system first. Although the counter shaft shift forks are identical they should be refitted in the same position as before if reused. The best manner would be to use warm water that has been mixed with a normal brand-name washing detergent and a sponge.

Damaged or worn reed paddles must be replaced. They may remain in the shift roller. Reed paddles gradually lose tension through operation, resulting in power loss. For changing the locking pawl, press bearing needle kickstarter shaft. Assembly Mainshaft C Transmission Secure mainshaft or countershaft in the vice using soft jaw-covers.

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During disassembly, watch out for the shift rollers driving pins of the shift forks. Check position of shift roller in grooved ball bearings Slide plate Check slide plate at meshing points Check return surface for wear renew, if strongly notched. Carburetor Adjustment C Carburetor adjustment Basic information on the original carburetor setting The original carburetor setting was adapted for an altitude of approx. Assembly Countershaft Transmission Secure mainshaft or countershaft in the vice using soft jaw-covers.