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Basic Continuum Mechanics. Although physicist Susskind The Black Hole War and science advocate Hrabovsky touch briefly on electricity and magnetism, the book is primarily about mechanics and the motion of particles. Some notes are at a higher level than others.

Theoretical physics

He calculated the dynamics of the first Soviet thermonuclear bomb, including predicting the yield. Introduction to Elementary Particles - D.

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Problem then is, there is so much junk on the internet. Introduction to wave propagation. Radiation and particle detectors The purpose of this note is to explain a range of principles and actual devices used to detect photons and ionized particles.

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Lectures on Statistical Physics by D. They had had all kinds of careers but never forgot their one-time infatuation with the laws of the universe.

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Introduction to quantum mechanical scattering. The telescope and the microscope. Quantum electrodynamics Quantum field theory Quantum gravity Quantum information. Unitarity, Causality and dispersion relations. The books closely follow the Internet courses that you will find on the Web.

Nuclear Physics Fundamentals and Applications Nuclear physics is started with few experiments and some theoretical modeling and we have just completed hundred years of that. Main goal of this note is to show the appropriate mathematics to a student of physics, roughly familiar with all classes of theoretical physics except for quantum field theory. The Gamma function enjoy studying its properties.

Lecture notes on Physical Chemistry by Darin J. The goal of this note is to survey various ground states of condensed matter, many particle systems, explore their excitations and concomitant properties.

There are many more lecture notes to be found on the web. Mathematical Structures in Physics. It can include speculative sciences. Still, I have learned a lot of math and physics. If you haven't mastered it yet, learn it.

You must allow your abilities to be tested, so that you get the recognition that you may well deserve. Proposed theories usually have not been tested. They are needed if you want to go higher than that. Much of those are essential ingredients of theories in Physics. Archimedes realized that a ship floats by displacing its mass of water, Pythagoras understood the relation between the length of a vibrating string and the musical tone it produces.

Special Relativity Peter Dunsby's lecture course on tensors and special relativity Prof. This site will contain material to support those interested in the book. Now, after a career or two, they wanted to get back into it, at least at a casual level. Interactions, perturbation expansion. Unfortunately there was not much opportunity for such folks to take courses.

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Classical Mechanics by Radovan Dermisek. Subsequently, he ceased studying chemistry, but remained interested in the field throughout his life.

This links to the question of it using mathematics in a less formally rigorous, and more intuitive or heuristic way than, say, mathematical physics. However, his wife was not enthusiastic. Laureates of the Nobel Prize in Physics. Nuclear Physics Fundamentals and Applications.

The Fourier transformation. Don't skip - extremely important! Fortunately, someone not I had the bright idea to video-record the classes. Lecture Notes on Hyperbolic Conservation Laws These notes provide an introduction to the theory of hyperbolic systems of conservation laws in one space dimension.

The Theoretical Minimum

Modern Physics by Dan Styer. Shawky Mohamed Hassan Pages. This includes physics fields and physical theories presented in accordance with known evidence, and a body of associated predictions have been made according to that theory. Introduction to Theoretical Polymer Physics.

Greek letters are used a lot. Mechanics and Materials Lecture Notes. Waller, member of the Swedish Academy of Sciences. Also builds student understanding through the use of relevant analogies, clear and non-technical explanations, and rich illustrations.

For me, the theoretical minimum means just what you need to know in order to proceed to the next level. Lecture Notes on General Relativity by S. It is judged by the extent to which its predictions agree with empirical observations. Magnetic monopoles and instantons. Spin and statistics connection.

Not to be confused with Edmund Landau. After the visit, Landau always considered himself a pupil of Niels Bohr and Landau's approach to physics was greatly influenced by Bohr. Landau's father, David Lvovich Landau, was an engineer with the local oil industry, and his mother, Lyubov Veniaminovna Garkavi-Landau, pdfbox encoding was a doctor. When Theoretical Physics was Shaping Destinies. If you really want to contribute to our theoretical understanding of physical laws - and it is an exciting experience if you succeed!