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Cutter unit Reattach by reversing the removal pro- cedure. Cleaning The Media Sensor Maintaining Cleaning the media sensor A media sensor is located at the platen on the backside. Press the key in printing. For reassembly, however, descrip- tion is added as needed, for example, if the procedure is different from the reversed disassembly procedure or if any precautions are to be taken. If the correction value is not appropriate, stripes may appear on the print, thus resulting in a poor print.

Preparation Because the head is filled with water-based transportation liquid S on Cleaning within Head shipment, this will react with the solvent ink to form a precipitate. Setting Cleaning While Printing Setting cleaning while printing Set it whether the head cleaning is carried out automatically during printing or not. Stopping The Print Temporarily Drawing data Stopping the print temporarily Perform the following operations when stopping the print halfway.

Setting Media Compensation Setting media compensation Correct the feeding rate of media after the type of media is replaced or the temperature of Heater is changed. Features Features The features of the machine are described below. As a rule, reverse the disassembly procedure for reassembly.

MIMAKI JV33-160 Maintenance Manual

Confirmable items of the machine information are as follows. The proper heater temperatures depend on the media type and ambient temperature. Inserting Ink Cartridges Inserting ink cartridges Insert an ink cartridges. The printing is interrupted each in the set length and the head cleaning is carried out automatically. The followings are relations between warnings and operations.

Set temperatures that are appropriate to the media. Confirming Machine Information Confirming machine information The machine information of the machine is confirmable. The Post-heater dries ink after printing. Parameter Save Window automatically appears when Upload is successfully completed. Be careful not to hurt yourself or anyone else.

Please follow these instructions as you read this manual. Downloaded From ManualsPrinter. As for the operation flow at the maintenance close, plumbing design and estimate by max fajardo jr pdf see the operation manual. Set Value Outline Printing the white ink and the color ink at the same time.

Setting Dryness Feeding Machine settings Setting Dryness feeding Setting whether feeding for drying a media is performed after the completion of printing or not. Set the cleaning type and the intervals at which cleaning operation is to be performed. Front cover Raise the clamp lever. Enter file name to save parameters.


Do not do the followings even if the applied firmware is installed. Specifications of the main unit. Check the label before work. Taking out cartridges all slots Cartridge sensor monitoring Cartridge valve is closed. Page Message Cause Solution Turn off the main power to the machine Any parameter outside the range of and turn it on after a while.

Page Maintaining Capping station Press the key. Warning Labels Warning labels Warning labels are stuck on the machine. Warning messages and corrective measures. Press the key several times to end. Troubleshooting Troubleshooting Take appropriate actions as described below before taking the trouble as a failure.

Reference Check pattern page Slant adjusting pattern P. Page Check message in Local mode The right message is displayed. Take care also to avoid bends, scratches, etc.

Page Message Cause Solution The cleaning liquid cartridge has Install the cleaning solution cartridge. After the cleaning, store the machine properly. Put on the rubber plugs on the coupler. If the linear scale becomes dirty, clean with a neutral detergent. Warning messages Message Cause Solution Check the front cover and maintenance covers.

The front cover or the maintenance C l o s e a c o v e r. Symbols and their meanings are given below. Effective part numbers are as the followings.

Head Cleaning Test printing Head cleaning Three head cleaning types are available. Cleaning the platen On the platen, it is easy to become dirt due to lint, paper dust or the like caused by cutting medias.

If a warning label is illegible due to stains or has come off, purchase a new one from a distributor or our sales office. In this page, set the printing method of white ink and other color ink. Page Wiper Clean the wiper and bracket. Rough identification of the source of the trouble At the beginning of troubleshooting, it is necessary to identify the trouble roughly which functions the trouble relates to. Preventing the head nozzle from clogging due to drying.

Initializing The Settings Initializing the settings Initialize the settings to the conditions that have been set when purchased. Adjustment of the station height p. If you print the media remaining amount in advance, for using the changed media, you can enter the correct value in the screen for entering media remaining amount after detecting the media P. Bracket Clean the wiper slider.

MIMAKI JV33-160 Operation Manual

Ink discharge passage is automatically cleaned from the cap. Understanding them together with the operating instructions given in this manual will help you use the machine properly.

Be sure to dispose of the worn-out cutter blades according to the applicable national and local laws and regulations. Page When Nozzle clogged after cleaning Set an ink cartridge to the ink station. Setting The Media Remaining Display Other maintenance functions Setting the media remaining display Set the media remaining amount display. Set Up Machine Configuration The following required resources are checked. Return the carriage to the station position.

Machine Settings Machine settings It is each type of setting for using this machine more comfortably. Difference between Sensor reading is updated periodically every msec. Complete drawing and input compensation value. Basic feeding amount of media is compensated. Always ensure that the main power supply is off when the power is off.

Further, when the solvent ink is used, it is necessary to wear the attached goggles. Changing The Printing Origin Changing the printing origin The position of the printing origin can be changed. The description given here is chiefly of disas- sembly procedures.


Coupler When reattaching, insert the capping assembly into the prescribed position while turning back the pump washing parts at capping upper part. Page Maintaining Capping station Discharging Cleaning solution Perform the following operations to discharge the cleaning solution within the tube. Page Other maintenance functions Close the waste ink tank guard. As the machine is used, the wiper and ink caps gradually become stained with ink and dust.

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