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The people of the state are known for their rich and colourful traditions. Illustrated by Sukumar Chatterjee.

Author-artist Ashok Davar has evolved his own unique style to illustrate. Presenting an holistic approach of the land and people of the state, the book discusses all its geo-economic aspects including ecodegradation. This book tells all about magnetic sensors, ultrasound machines, high tech computers, positron emissions, etc. The present book provides insights regarding distinctive characteristics of land, people, customs, resources, historical background, culture, crafts, literature, economy, etc.

History, mythology, descriptions of nature and of the people are skilfully woven into the narrative. The author tells not only about the geography of these rivers, but also about their place in the day-to-day life of the people. One of the most controversial novels of its time, it for the first time offers a feminist perspective to Telugu literary discourse. Orginally written in Asamiya by one of Assams renowned writers. Illustrated by M A Jomraj.

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Nbt books pdf

This book unravels some of the mysteries surrounding it, its basic concepts and governing principles as also simple home-made herbal remedies. Written with sensitivity and wit, the book conveys a powerful message that continues to resonate in contemporary times. The stories are full of historical information and provide the cultural background to the period from the second century to the seventh century. The present book is about the land and its handsome and varied people, noted for their tolerance, intelligence, industry and skill.

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However, Aruna soon becomes disillusioned. The contributors to this book explore different facets of these relations and other sources and implications for civil society and our democratic polity. An interesting and absorbing account of the life and achievements of Mahatma Gandhi. The fabric of each story is woven with warmth, understanding and humour with the warp and weft of science running through it.

It also talks about the important breeds, their characteristics, cattle breeding and feeding, important diseases of cattle and general management of the cattle. He renounced the householders life and turned an ascetic. This brief biography provides an intimate glimpse of this multifaceted personality illuminating the integrity and austerity of his character. Despite the broad consensus of opinion about the national character of the movement, yet this uprising still remains mired in controversies.

Letters and Speeches Neerja Singh Comp. This first ever biography recounts the story of a great career in journalism and politics. But later comes to know that honesty, diligence and dedication are real Tapasya. Others advertise for a new tenant.

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Kenya is a multi-ethnic and multi-racial country and is home to a large number of tribes including the Maasais, the Kikuyu, the Samburu and the Turkana. He was a great Indian seer of twentieth century who paved the way for a progressive Kerala society.

Dyer for the Jallianwala Bagh massacre. Rhythms are controlled by a biological clock situated in the brain.

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The drama of the events is evoked by the powerful black and white pencil sketches of Subir Roy. This volume brings together all the original writings of Narayana Guru in English translation for the first time in a single volume. Samples of folk songs, folk tales and riddles add value to the book. It is a delightful story of the familys reaction to this latest addition including that of their pet monkey. This book familiarises us with the world of elephants, their life, habitat and steps taken by the government to protect the species.

It is the first formal research into the rich possibilities that lie ahead for the nation in marshalling the intellectual capacity of youth for national progress. This publication considers the various stages through which it evolved and also the promise it holds for the future.

Besides this, we have organised over regional book fairs across the country. People still resort to exorcists, ojhas, tantriks, black magic and so on. She has to relinquish her individuality.

As new clues emerge from fossil evidence, the. It attracts hundreds of exhibitors, both Indian as well as foreign.

Cartoons by Ahmed enliven and elucidate various points. It is also the story of a pigeons training and adventure besides the minute details of a pigeons life and vivid descriptions of the Himalayan flora. It describes the dress, language and interests of people belonging to the various states of India. Full of information and profusely illustrated with photographs.

The present crisis in every field in Haryana societyagriculture, industry, education, infrastructure, depredations of the traditional caste panchayat, political formations etc. Illustrated by S Bhattacharya. All the while in our history inventions have shaped and reshaped our life. The introduction by the compilor examines the historical context of the correspondence and provides an overview of the major issues discussed. This book surveys the growth of Bengali theatre, as we see it today, from its beginnings, a hundred and fifty years ago, to the present day.

Illustrations by Arya Praharaj add to the books appeal. Stories of adventure and travel, and books on career opportunities are also included in this series. Books in this series include collections of freedom songs, books on Indian culture, polity, industry, agriculture, transformer vector diagram pdf etc.

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They have many adventures together. One day the mouse packs up and vacates his flat. Imaginatively illustrated by Niren Sen Gupta. This volume contains beautifully illustrated ten stories from ten different countries.

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