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It passes through a filter before reaching the climate control system and delivery into the cabin. Page If you wish to fit other tires or wheels than those supplied with the car, consult your Saab dealer first as to the possibilities available.

Wipers And Washers The recirculation symbol will how- ever not light up. Lighting Interior equipment Trunk lighting On the underside of the parcel shelf is a light that is switched on and off when the trunk is opened and closed. There is a release lever under the steering column. We recommend you to contact a Saab The lamp units consist of a gas discharge Note dealer to have a xenon headlight changed lamp containing xenon.

It was Saab's entry-level model. Headlight levelling Turn on the lights. The inflating airbag cushions the driver. If the car is to be tended in the car. Page Further customizations to this function can be made at a Saab dealer.

Contact a workshop for more infor- mation. Page Further customizations to this function can Automatic engagement and disen- be made at a workshop. Cars with manual transmission To start the engine the clutch pedal must be fully depressed. This interval varies See separate Manual. Washer jets The washer jets, which are adjustable, can be cleaned with a pin if necessary.

Washing Keep the glass well polished, as this helps to prevent misting. Right brake light failure.

Washer Jets The recirculation symbol will how- ever not light up. This is particularly important if the car has been through an automatic car wash, as these sometimes leave a wax coating on the wind- shield.

Saab Workshop & Owners Manual

Saab Parking Assistance The system uses four sensors in the rear The system is activated automatically when Saab Parking Assistance facilitates parking bumper. For Long Trips For long trips Before starting off on a long journey, it is advisable to have your car inspected by your Saab dealer. Saab advises against washing the Convertible in an automatic car wash.

The movement of the car and force of the wind can seriously damage the components of the soft top system. Increased fuel consumption can indicate that something is wrong and that the car needs to be checked at a Saab dealer. Page Car care Fuse panel in engine bay No. Headlight levelling malfunction. Do not drive away before the warning and indicator lights have gone out.

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Driving In Cold Weather Warm up the key or use a de-icer. When programming the garage opener, you may be operating a garage door or gate operator. Locking the car with the remote control ren- ders these buttons inoperative.

Alarm has been triggered since being armed. Page Fuse panel in end of dash in the electrical system.


Looking for a convenient way to locate the information you need while carrying out the repairs on your own, edema agudo de pulmon pdf 2013 you decide to start searching for a Saab repair manual. The same precautions must be contact an authorised Saab dealer. Your Saab dealer will be pleased to advise you on the best tires for your car. We recommend that you contact an authorised Saab workshop.

Electronic Parts Catalogue. Xenon Headlights Right high beam failure. Fuel should not come right up the filler pipe as expansion room is needed when the temperature rises. It is inadvisable to drive with your hand resting on the gear lever, as this can increase the wear on the gearbox.

Page Technical data Several of the systems in your Saab can be customized to better suit your individual needs. The catalytic converter gets very hot and could there- fore start a fire.

When the car is next started, the fog lights will have to be switched back on manually by pressing the fog light switch. We recommend that you contact The brake and clutch fluid reservoir is trans- ing.

If the soft top is folded, the rear side window is also lowered. If the brake fluid should require chang- ing, this must be carried out at a Saab dealer. Have the car checked at a Saab dealer as soon as possible.

Saab 9-3 Owner s ManualSaab 2004 9-3 Owner s Manual

Saab Workshop Manuals

At the same time you can check the average speed is maintained To improve night-driving conditions inside calculated time of arrival. Low tire pressure rear right. Rearview Mirrors Interior equipment Rearview mirrors Door mirrors To adjust The door mirrors are electrically adjustable and heated.

Routine maintenance and servicing - petrol models. As the tires age, the rubber becomes progressively harder, and the roadholding ability of the tires diminishes. There are no load-through hatch. See the date on the canister.

Be sure the electrolyte in the battery is not frozen. Engine Information regarding suitable engine oils can be found in War- Note that the towbar must not be installed on certain models. Page Trunk Release Handle Trunk Release Handle There is a glow-in-the-dark trunk release handle located inside the trunk on the latch.