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This is for the purpose of making the assembly mates the easiest possible to understand the options of motion study in SolidWorks. SolidWorks Motion Analysis allows you to study two major types of problems relating to the motion of solid bodies. Introductory Tutorial Also, make sure to check out our detailed Solidworks tutorials here. You can use Motion Analysis for accurately simulating and analyzing the effects of motion elements including forces, springs, dampers, c9012 transistor pdf and mltion on an assembly.

Solidworks motion study tutorial

Then you can change the spring stiffness and unstretched length of it as shown. Select the cylindrical face of the bar and pin holder and it will mate it to concentric by default. To report problems encountered with the Web help interface and search, contact your local support representative.


You can choose the face where the force is acting and then can change the direction as shown below. First import the part file that needs to be fixed so by default it will be fixed. Then click the cylindrical faces as shown which would select the concentric mate by default. Hit on calculate option, to start the motion simulation of the assembly.

You syudy incorporate visual properties such as lighting and camera perspective into a motion study. In these cases the preferable way to change mass is to create a new material and change the density according to the volume to obtain the desired mass. The spri g o t e o displa u less ou li k the spri g o the otio a ager tree while it is playing. You can download the part and assembly files from the website under class materials.

SolidWorks Motion Study Tutorial. Basic Motion computation is relatively fast, so you can use this for creating presentation-worthy animations using physics-based simulations. You can drag the key point until when it reaches the end of the floor.

Solidworks tutorial motion-study 1

In this option you can also include the timing in which this motor will be activated. It has several features related to the motion of an assembly file. You can make the accuracy higher and change the solver li ki g Ad a e Optio s Integrator type to make your simulation work. In order to do motion analysis you need to add motion analysis plugin to your assembly file.

You can incorporate visual properties such as lighting and camera perspective into a motion study. Basic Motion Overview You can use Basic Motion for approximating the effects of motors, springs, collisions, and gravity on assemblies. In this tutorial we will use the motor motion and explain the others in a brief manner. Beginner solidworks toturials In order to learn anything we must take the first steps and solidworks beginner tutorials are exactly for this purpose.

Solidworks tutorial motion-study 1

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As shown here, add a distance mate in between the two faces. Do not specify mass when working with friction. Introduction to Motion Studies Motion studies are graphical simulations of motion for assembly models. To solve these problems make sure all your key frames start at the beginning of the timeline unless you want the force or other action to be taken after some time.

PDF) SolidWorks Motion Study Tutorial

Then in mates, click the faces as shown which would select the coincident mate by default. Study of the motion of a rigid body without considering the forces that result in the motion of the body. The above example gives a demonstration of basic assembly and mates. The images show the completed assembly. When you need to add friction, first replace the coincident mate with a parallel mate without changing anything else.

This mate causes the box move along a straight path. Then you can change units as you need as shown below. After taking the first steps we can go to the next level.

What is the velocity, acceleration, angle, or reaction force at an instant? Then select the face which you want to get the results of. Here I enter the initial length longer than the unstretched length to give an oscillation.

Solidworks tutorials

Then add friction via Solid Body Contact. Choose the direction of gravity as you want it to be. Please make sure to move the time bar in the timeline to initial ie. This would change if we need to add friction into our motion analysis. Introduction to Mates Mates are crucial for motion analysis.

The preferred solution is Use Precise Contact. Also, make sure to check out our detailed Solidworks tutorials here. There are some typical mates such as coincident, concentric, parallel, tangent, and so on that we use to assemble and put the parts together.

Then the following tab will appear. Select the circular face of the pin and the face the pin holder as shown in the figure which will select the coincident mate by default. We want to apply motion study on this assembly so we should make the precisely mated assembly.

Motion Analysis uses computationally strong kinematic solvers, and accounts for material properties as solidworkw as mass and inertia in the computations. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Study of the motion of a rigid body as a result of the applied external forces on the body. If the force is not on, right click the force and click on to make the force active and recalculate. Make sure to suppress Right click on the mate and then select suppress or delete the mate from the motion study before you calculate motion or else the box will not move.

Name it and click the Properties tab as shown. Figure below shows a screen shot of a simple pin connection assembly file. You a use either he k the Use Pre ise Co ta t option or increase the frames per second.

Advanced solidworks tutorials After taking the first steps we can go to the next level. The steps are shown below with the help of pictures. What are the magnitudes of the forces between two parts in contact with one another? To edit ass properties li k o O erride Mass Properties. This part will not affect any mechanical properties of the spring.

Solidworks tutorials

After that we will make an assembly of those parts by only using the hinge mate which we will require to make our motion simulation. Share this with your friends.