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American SpaStandard Operating Procedures for a Spa

Did the employee offer a sweat towel? Before the treatment, Therapist needs to set the station with products and equipment needed. Her writing has appeared on BobVila.

SlideShare Explore Search You. Clipping is a handy way to collect important slides you want to go back to later. Ankle pillow is set massage bed This material is copyright protected and is property of Daniel G.

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Strictly adhere to the general hotel grooming standards outlined in the hotel Corporate Operating Procedure manual. Standard Operating Procedures for a Spa. This material is copyright protected and is property of Daniel G. Vanity and sink area is clean. If the hostess is busy on phone she must excuse herself for a second acknowledge the presence of the new customer and tell that she will attend as soon as the call is over.

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Did the employees include in excessive or personal chat? Fruits are chilled and fresh. Ask the guests if they have had a manicure before. Ensure to need the guest physically present, because sometimes the size of the guest doesn't suite the bed. Area smells clean and fresh, enhanced with aroma from the aroma oil burner.

Put the pillow on top of the mattress. Ask guest to fill-in the consultation form only for the first time. The staff can play a major role in providing this. Offer hand and arm massage. Leave the room to allow guest to dress.

Ensure the result of the manicure is met or exceeded. Was employee wearing a complete uniform and well presented?

Walk with the guest and carry their guest belongings. Collect all towels and send to Laundry. Ankle pillow set on the massage bed with bath towel on top.

Apply cream to the guests body. Sanitary bin in female toilet must be clean and tidy with lid secured. Visibility Others can see my Clipboard.

Ensure the treatment lasts as scheduled. Face towel on face cradle pillow. During the mask, inform guest and request permission.

Task Procedure Standard whenever immediate requirement. Task Procedure Standard c All equipment to be maintained clean systematically d Switch off electrical appliances when not in use. Task Procedure Standard for any valuables and jewellery, ayyappan padal varigal in tamil pdf no jewels worn will be allowed inside the pool and the club is not responsible if any jewels lost in the pool.

Standard Operating Procedures for a Spa

Walk beside the guest in a decent distance. Guidelines vary based on the specific treatment. Place the sheet on the top of the day bed.

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If the guest is a non-residence guest, ask for hotel name and credit card number. Toilet must be flushed and clean.

Appropriate music with comfortable volume through out the facility? Position the neck pillow with a face cradle pillow and face towel on top. Ask for their name and room number? Fix cover sheet on top of the bed.

Work to perform a Check ladders, pool staircase for faults and maintenance. Try and attract the customer's attention to any new or latest promotions or offer that is prevailing. Employees are smart, attentive and not in a slouching posture? They should be encouraged to do so.

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