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10 Frequently asked SQL Query Interview Questions

Using the checkbox outside Recovery mode will in itself generate an exception. Select the Update Status action. We can also create sections.

Here we can create relationship in between the Account to Account same object object. It can be a good tactic to minimise the time spent in Recovery Mode by capturing the details of an exception in data items and then moving directly to the Resume stage. There might be a temporary delay issue due to network latency or the load on the primary or secondary replica. Inputs to a page in Object Studio provide the means for a Process to supply data to the Business Object. Query given by previous Anonymous is correct.

Throw the exception and let the process handle it. Junction object is a custom object with two master detail relationships.

Now you need to check for the bottleneck and fix the issue. The availability group has Windows cluster resource properties, such as the Maximum Failures in the Specified Period property. If there is a failover in progress, wait for the failover to complete.

Please suggest why he said my answers are wrong, I still didn't get it. Completed items are marked with a green check mark. If two instances of the same process are running at the same time, hvac simplified solutions manual pdf they will both have the same Session Variables but the Session Variables will have different values. Posted by javin paul Email This BlogThis!

Failed add-file operation will cause the secondary database to be suspended. Please correct me if i'm wrong.

10 Frequently asked SQL Query Interview Questions

SQL Tutorials10 Frequently asked SQL Query Interview Questions

The primary replica activates flow control on the log send when it has exceeded the maximum allowable number of unacknowledged messages sent over to the secondary replica. This property is used to avoid the indefinite movement of a clustered resource when multiple node failures occur.

When Match Index is set, Blue Prism will stop searching once an element has been found, instead of continuing to search for potential duplicates. This might happens due to a different file path between the systems that hosts primary and secondary replica. This is especially handy for reviewing the workings of a progress and tracking down problems.

When an automatic failover occurs, this synchronization condition must be met in order to make sure that there is no data loss. Using templates ensures processes are easy to configure and support, and how Work Queues are used is consistent across all processes that are created. Application Manager can run in a variety of different modes, which affect how Blue Prism integrates with the application that is being modeled. Blue Prism work queue can be set up to enable an exception item to be reworked.

If we want to share the records using apex we have to create a record to the share object. To avoid retrying too many times data items are often used to monitor the number of iterations around the exception handling loop. The Dynamic match type allows us to specify the value of an attribute from the diagram rather than use the one in Application Modeler. Which Tag Filter fixes this? Business Objects should data items to store timeout periods makes it easy to re-configure how long an application should wait for different types of system activity.

10 Frequently asked SQL Query Interview QuestionsSalesforce Interview Questions

That time u having use below query. You can filter the items to retrieve by the presence or absence of a specific tag, by giving the appropriate arguments to the Tag Filter input parameter of the Get Next Item action. Potentially the Processes could clash if they tried to open the file at the same time. Must say, you did a really good job and hard work to get this done. Slow log hardening can translate to slow acknowledgement to the primary replica, which can cause excessive activation of the flow control and long flow control wait times.

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Please double check answers if your going ahead with an interview with this answers. We hope that these Salesforce technical questions will help you to know what kind of questions will be asked during Salesforce interview. Adding one set of questions I faced during oracle interview.

Checking the Invisible attribute which will be set to False ensures that only elements currently on the screen will be matched. Exception handling tends to be done above the business object layer. To include a Collection field in an expression, we use what is known as dot notation.

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Here are the scenario based questions. Need more sql questions of this kind.

Display also employees who are without managers? When a process is running in Control Room you can stop the process by selecting the process session and clicking Stop Selection. The process may choose to try again a few times or restart the system or ultimately raise an alert. Once you have created a custom object, you can create a custom tab, custom related lists, reports, and dashboards for users to interact with the custom object data. Is there any specific limitations if we need to perform auto backups from secondary backups?