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There are different types of ammeters such as moving-coil, moving magnet and moving-iron, etc. It is also known as a logic source because it is a source of synchronous digital stimulus. The obtained waveforms can be considered for following properties such as frequency, amplitude, time interval, rise time and others. The other names for oscilloscope are oscillograph, cathode ray oscilloscope or digital storage oscilloscope.

We explain the working principles and characteristics of different components of power plants, like boilers, turbines, economisers, solar panel, and wind turbines. Electrical Generator Articles The electrical generator is the most basic as well as a most expensive component of a power system.

Re best electrical maintenance and testing book pdf

Electrical Equipment Testing and Maintenance

We cover binary number systems, binary arithmetic, boolean algebra, De Morgan theorems, K-map, logic gates, and binary to other number system conversion. Modern digital instruments may calculate these properties directly and displays them.

We explain the working principles, characteristics, uses and testing of electric motors. Basic Electronic Testing Equipments Therefore, testing equipment is necessary to find and analyze the circuit conditions, small animal diagnostic ultrasound pdf for checking electronic test equipment and maintenance in various industries.

Electrical Equipment Handbook Troubleshooting and Maintenance

The instrument used to measure small value of resistance are micro-ohmmeters. If any faults are detected, then identified faults can be traced an rectified using electronic testing equipment. The smaller currents can be measured by using milliammeters or micro ammeters, units of measuring the smaller current are in the milliampere or micro-ampere range. It is also used to test continuity between two points in an electrical circuit.

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Electrical Equipment Testing and Maintenance

Many industries utilize different types of electronic test equipment ranging from the very simple and inexpensive to complex and sophisticated ones. There is a slight difference between the timers and frequency counters in the electronic industry. Most often all electrical and electronic circuit s are tested and troubleshooted to detect faults or abnormal functioning if any.

There are three types of pulse generators namely optical pulse generator, bench pulse generators and microwave pulsers. We also explain the basic electronic circuits of various logic gates.

An explanation of different bridge circuits, sensors, cathode ray oscilloscopes, digital meters, potentiometers, transducers, and more. Electronics Devices Articles Learn about the many different types of electronic devices.

Similarly meg-ohmmeters is used to make large resistance measurements. Frequency counters are mostly used as general purpose laboratory test equipment to measure higher frequencies.

It has multiple functions and acts like ohmmeter, voltmeter and ammeter and also used for household wiring, electric motors, testing batteries and power supplies. Therefore, testing equipment is necessary to find and analyze the circuit conditions, for checking electronic test equipment and maintenance in various industries. Electrical Measurement Articles We discuss various types of electrical and electronic measurements.

Maintenance Testing

This category is a collection of knowledge about all things related to electric motors. The output generated from ordinary power supply is fed to the voltage regulating device that provides the final output. In general no electronic device is suitable for all applications.

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Power Transmission System Articles Articles related to electrical power transmission systems. An electrical instrument that measures electrical resistance is known as an ohmmeter. The function of the digital pattern generator is to stimulate the inputs of a electronic device. We explain working principles of various measuring instruments and measuring systems. It uses a galvanometer to measure the electric current through the resistance.

An analog voltmeter moves a pointer across a scale in proportional to the voltage of the electrical circuit. Terminologies, and Applications.

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