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Toshiba e-STUDIO455 Series Scanning Manual

The data of the toner cartridge reference is printed. Will you save stored originals? Provide the information promptly if a user requires so. If the desired template group is not displayed on the screen, woodmont grill menu pdf use to switch between pages.

Nicht direkt in den Laserstrahl blicken. After the toner empty is detected by the auto-toner sensor, this counter checks if toner empty is not detected one more time while the specified number of pixel count or output pages is counted. The smaller value is, the more it tends to be judged as color. Relation between the status of the bypass paper width sensor and paper size width.

If the sizes are not the same, the warning message is displayed Paper jam does not occur. The display changes as follows.

Toshiba 455 Manuals

If you select a template for which the automatic start function is disabled, the screen for performing meta scan appears. With a few additional steps, you can also save the sent data or set advanced functions for each transmission.

Switching from the stationary tray to the movable tray is supported. The setting code differs depending on the operation status of the equipment when there is any stain on the back side of the printed paper. Wenn die Oberflche beschdigt wird, kann dies zu Funktionsstrungen fhren. Before using the wristband, unplug the power cable of the equipment and make sure that there are no charged objects which are not insulated in the vicinity. Only available with the administrator privilege.

Set this code when the density is too high or low. Insbesondere sollten die Platinen dieser Komponenten nicht berhrt werden, da die Kondensatoren usw. Change of the paper size setting on the touch panel is disabled. The public box is a pre-defined box and is used to store documents that any users of the equipment may need to work with.

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Toshiba 455 Manuals

Avoid exposing your eyes to laser beam. Dieses Gert ist mit einer Laserdiode ausgestattet.

At this code, the period to switch the status to the standby rotation is set. No patent liability is assumed, however, with respect to the use of the information contained herein.


All information related to the toner cartridge reference pixel count is cleared. When the high-voltage transformer is replaced, adjusting with the following codes needs to be performed in addition to this adjustment. After this, the tray is not switched again within the job. User name and password at the user authentication User information of the authentication comes first when a template is retrieved.

If the equipment is managed by the User Management feature, you need to enter the user information, such as the user name and password. Enabled No server list is displayed when multiple authentication has succeeded. Therefore, the problem of fusing efficiency may be occurred in the test copy at the adjustment mode.

Select the code from to according to the operation status. Recommended number of output pages for replacement - Means the recommended number of output pages for replacement. Present output pages for control - Means the present number of output pages for controlling. Select the template that you want to use.

Microsoft Windows

The value starts changing approx. The template buttons are displayed for the selected group.

Adjusting Background Density Adjusting background density With the background adjustment setting, you can lighten or darken the background of your scans. This setting is used for drawer searching or media type inconsistency judgment. To take advantage of this feature, follow the procedure below. Changing this code varies the correction amount of the image density. Enabled Server list is displayed when multiple authentication has succeeded.


When the left drawer is not inserted. However, users do not always print under the above condition.