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It is suggested that cyclical unemployment may be minimized by controlling the rate of growth in the economy to avoid a boom and bust situation, i. Full employment is said to prevail despite the existence of natural rate of unemployment which is unavoidable in a changing economy. The unemployment created in this way is structural unemployment and is inevitable consequence of technological progress. According to them, the basic cause of unemployment in developing countries is the deficiency of the availability of essential consumer goods, bengali baby names with meaning pdf often called wage goods.

This eliminates the sales burden on the producer who can concentrate just on producing the goods to the standard required by the society. We have seen on the other hand, the negative consequences unemployment can have on an individual and on society in general.

The Nature and Causes of Unemployment in Developing Countries

2.0 Types of Unemployment

Furthermore, prospective investors would refuse to borrow as the cost of borrowing becomes too expensive, and so no new jobs would be created, leading to unemployment. Similar observations may be made regarding the permissible allowance for structural and frictional unemployment.

Retraining of labor will be necessary to fight technological unemployment. The funds of the credit union are created by money invested by individuals, businesses and the local or regional government. This is a kind of temporary unemployment caused by immobility of labor or unwillingness of labor to learn new skills. Two things must be noted in regard to this definition.

Instead, it is a chronic problem. If E represents the quantum of employment, M represents the supply of wage-goods and W, the real wage-rate, then the employment which can be provided will be given by the following equation. Further, due to changes in demand for some goods, the output of industries producing them declines rendering some people unemployed.

Unemployment in Developing Countries Causes and Nature

Irrigation requires more labour input for watering the fields, but also since output per hectare on irrigated land is much higher, more labour is used for harvesting and threshing the crop. They are likely to wait and to be unemployed until they find the jobs which give them higher salaries. The State itself can participate in the process of capital formation by undertaking such developmental activities as building infrastructure which do not attract the private investors. This is based on the idea that students have differing levels of ability, and the expansion of higher education means that students of lower ability are now entering higher education.

2.0 Types of Unemployment

From above it follows that the unemployed people are those who are involuntarily idle. Let us examine the most important ones.

As work methods change, sometimes becoming more automated, and fewer staff may be required to carry out tasks that were previously carried out by many people. Full employment will exist in spite of their not working. It follows that the number of wage-seeking population can be determined with a great measure of accuracy.

We have explained above lack of physical capital with which labour is equipped for productive employment as the cause of unemployment prevailing in the developing countries like India. Unemployment in India, as in other developing countries, manifests itself in both open unemployment and under-employment. However, private sector prefers to invest in highly capital-intensive plants and equipment on the basis of technology developed in labour- scarce western countries. But most of the unemployment in underdeveloped countries is not cyclical. Therefore, when adapted to the less developed countries, this model suggests that the rate of growth of output and therefore of employment is determined by the growth of capital stock.

There is a well-established economic literature on rural-urban migration in the presence of urban unemployment. This is changing from labor intensive methods of production to capital-intensive methods.

These products are then given unique code numbers that identify the owner of that particular product. They are said to be between jobs.

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Very organized co-operatives have been able to even export their products overseas. Since they have a high educational level, they tend to refer to their level of education when deciding whether to accept a particular job. Structural unemployment also occurs because of the mismatch between the location of job vacancies of the expanding industries and the present location of the unemployed workers.

First, full employment does not mean that everyone is employed. But for some time they remain unemployed. Take another example, when computerization of banks, offices occurred in India recently some workers were rendered unemployed.

Unemployment in Developing Countries Causes and Nature

Unemployment in Developing Countries

The resulting unemployment is known as the long- term or chronic unemployment. This dissenting view had been put forward by Prof. It is now almost universally recognized that the chronic unemployment and underemployment in less developed countries are not due to the lack of aggregate effective demand which, according to J. People, who are only partially employed or are engaged in inferior jobs, though they can do better jobs, are not adequately employed.

Because they have been unemployed for a long time, this additional training would be necessary for them to be employable. It is worth emphasizing this point because in some societies in the Bangladesh, women are excluded or prevented from participating fully in business or the labor market.

Therefore, the State has got to assume a special role in speeding up the rate of economic development. Such review will at any time inform the authorities how far they have achieved in their drive to attain the objectives. Now, a pertinent question is why capital-intensive techniques are used in industries despite the condition of labour-abundance in the economy. On the other hand, a company manufacturing winter coats may experience the opposite trend. In the phenomenon examined by Keynes, not only labour force but also capital equipment were unemployed due to the deficiency of aggregate effective demand.